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Personal Savings Accounts

Traditional Passbook Savings Account

A basic savings account that requires a passbook at the bank for each deposit and withdrawal. With a Traditional Passbook Savings Account you always know your current balance. Whether you're saving for a special purpose or budgeting for every-day necessities, our Traditional Passbook Savings account might be the right choice for you.

Personal Statement Savings Account

Patriot Community Bank offers Personal Statement Savings Accounts. Personal Statement Savings account customers may make deposits and withdrawals to their account in person at the bank or by using an ATM card or Online Banking. If you want the convenience of not having to go to the bank to make withdrawals and deposits this account may be best for you. (Limitations may exist on the number and type of withdrawals and transfers.)

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CDs) is a great way to save if you don’t need access to the funds for an extended period of time. CDs typically offer higher interest rates than Traditional Passbook or Personal Statement Savings Accounts. (A CD typically has a fixed interest rate and fixed date of withdrawal (maturity date). CDs typically don't have monthly fees, but do have penalties if funds are withdrawn prior to the maturity date.)

Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are long-term savings accounts to provide income when you retire. Patriot Community Bank offers both Roth IRA and Traditional IRA accounts